NSU: the 1st Non-government University in Dhaka

North South University

Actually, North South University (NSU), the first private university in Bangladesh, established in 1992 by the visionary Board members of the North South Foundation. According to Law, 'private university' means 'non-government university'. The dream during its commencement was to set up a world- class university as a center of excellence in advanced education.

In addition, NSU has evolved into an educational mammoth in the region, with over, 1000 undergraduate and graduate scholars.

Four seminaries in NSU

The NSU is organized into four seminaries (School of Business and Economics, School of Engineering and Physical lores, School of Humanities and Social lores, School of Health and Life lores); offering 23 undergraduate programs, and 16 graduate programs.

Installations at NSU

Originally, innovated on 5.5 acres of beautifully landscaped area, NSU’s vibrant lot has the state- of- the- art installations and stands out as an prestigious university lot in Dhaka. 

The 1.2 million sq.ft. bottom space contains further than 100 class apartments, Secondly, lecture theaters and test halls equipped with rearmost tutoring aids. Eventually, it has WiFi access across lot and a completely automated library.

The average cost of attending NSU as a pupil is also at par with other private universities in Bangladesh. For case, the estimated cost for an undergraduate pupil is around$ 1800- 3000 per academic time. Also scholars also have the occasion to use fiscal aid in the form of academic literacy, education disclaimer, study loans, and pupil employment.

Graduate Employability

Generally, NSU proudly boasts its graduate employment rate to be over 95. The alumni of NSU are spread across the globe, and have managed to exceed and reach top positions. 

With their significant accomplishment, they've upheld the character of NSU, both nationally and internationally. Accordingly, the estimable brand set by the high achieving alumni enables NSU graduates to secure employment in their asked field.

In discrepancy, with over 3000 graduates every time, the Career Placement Center at NSU is devoted to work with scholars, preparing them with necessary chops to enter the job request. Direct liaison with assiduity also helps with acclimatizing course class for scholars to insure the graduates meet artificial norms.

Exploration in NSU

Especially, NSU is at the van of colorful exploration work, with independent cells and systems in fields of Public Health, Environment lores and Public Policy. 

NASA has been a significant mate in the sphere of exploration and have funded systems and exploration workshop related to robotics.

Also, Faculty members at NSU are also veritably exploration active and regularly publish their work in high impact journals, books and present in conferences both nationally and transnational; adding the recognition and exposure of the institution.

International Recognition

A significant proportion of NSU graduates pursue advanced education abroad, and is successful in graduating with an hail- suitable track record. As a consequence, this also enables an easier operation process for gregarious NSU graduates applying for advanced education abroad. 

The credits attained at NSU are also accepted in utmost of the respectable universities of the USA, Canada, Australia and others.

Also, NSU has MOUs with universities, institutions and companies across North America, Europe and Asia for the purpose of pupil and staff exchange program, collaboration on exploration, council, conferences etc.


Likewise, one of the first effects everyone considers when getting a master's degree is the cost of the program. While cost is commodity that should be considered, you should always be apprehensive of the options available to you when funding your degree. Download your dupe of the Scholarship Guide to know about global literacy and how to apply for them. Visit their site: NSU.

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In conclusion, NSU is modeled on US universities and follows their academic features similar as semester systems, credit hours, letter grades, etc. 

When first introduced, its classes of undergraduate programs similar as Economics, Business, and Computer Science were largely modeled on the classes of the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign and were properly approved by the University subventions Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, the loftiest accrediting authority of advanced education of the country.

NSU has an International Advisory Board, comprised of scholars from each over the world, to counsel and to suggest advancements on academic matters of the university. 

The university is delivering a substantial general education class, has a strategic plan, and has initiated and enforced pupil educational literacy assessment for degree programs and courses and is in the process of developing the structure for evaluation of institutional effectiveness for its institutional delegation.

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