Can You Fly a Helicopter to See Dhaka?

Helicopter Ride Dhaka

In most instances, a trendy question in the city is 'Can you fly a helicopter to see Dhaka?' recently, influencer people have started to ride helicopter to visit different places for political, cultural or religious purposes. 

Indeed, there are some flying companies to give you a flying experience with the helicopter in the city of Dhaka. You can fly it with its authorized 1st rider. 

How much does it cost for a helicopter ride around Dhaka City?

Dhaka City helicopter tour price range is 5000 BDT to 7000 for 1 person. 85 BDT is equal to 1 USD. The best helicopter tour Dhaka City might  include going to the River Padma with private helicopter service providers. 

There should be a birds eye view of the most discussed Padma Bridge by the helicopter. The private helicopter tour Dhaka City for 2 people can give you a discount. Considering a cheap helicopter ride Dhaka City in a short negotiation. 

15 Helicopter Service Providers in Dhaka

1. Helicopter Rent Bangladesh

2. Meghna Aviation Limited

3. Helicopter in Bangladesh

4. Bangladesh Helicopter Service

5. Helicopter Service Bangladesh

6. Bangla International Airlines Ltd. 

7. Air Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

8. Impress Aviation Ltd. Air Ambulance

9. Bashundhara Aviation Services

10. Helicopter Rent Bangladesh

11. Helicopter Ambulance Dhaka

12. Fly TaxSee Aviation Ltd

13. Ambulance Service Limited

14. Air Ambulance Bangladesh

15. R & R Aviation Ltd.

Air Ambulance Service Bangladesh, Dhaka to India, Singapore, Bangkok, Domestic also are provided by some aviation company. Air Ambulance helicopters are very useful.

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Dhaka City helicopter service is a private service similar to HeliNY. Wen we see the helicopters. We can see that the helicopter has 4 seats. 1 seat is for 1st rider and other 3 seats are for passengers. 

So, can you fly a helicopter over Dhaka City? Of course you can fly but there is another question-Is a helicopter ride in Dhaka City worth it?

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