Eid in Dhaka is the Biggest Festival

Eid in Dhaka

People of Dhaka celebrate Eid festival with love, joy and happiness every year. It is the religious tradition of Muslims. Eid in Dhaka is observed Two times a year. One is Eid ul Fitr and another is Eid ul Adha.

In Dhaka, Eid is the national festival. Eid days are national holidays. Employers give 100% festival bonus to employees to enhance happiness. It is the recognized lawful right now.

Generally, people buy new clothes for family members and relatives. They send gifts to nearby people. They make special traditional foods like Semai, Firni, meat based biriyani, polao, korma, fish curry, sweets, ice-cream etc. and invite relatives and other closest people.

Eid greetings exchanging is a beauty of this days here. All people whether they are Muslim or not exchange Eid greetings each other.

Indeed, salami is the most cheerful part of the Eid among young people and children. People distribute new bank notes among young people and children. It is called salami.

Eid is celebrated after seeing the new moon in the sky. The Eid ul Fitr is celebrated in the next day of Shawal Moon and Eid ul Adha is celebrated in 10th day of the Zilhajj moon. In Eid ul Adha, rich people sacrifice cattle and distribute their meat among relatives and poor people.

Each Eid festival is started with the prayer where religious leaders deliver speech as well. Country's president and prime minister also give speeches or messages on the occasion. 

City and other places are decorated with colorful lights and billboards. Mass media take special programs. Newspapers publish special supplements like Eid issue or Eid magazine. Likewise, television broadcast special magazine programs and a list of new dramas. Cinema industry also brings new movies on this special day.

One thing, Businesses make lots of money in these festivals. Sometimes they are criticized over their products unreasonable pricing and unjust profits. And people leave Dhaka for home to celebrate the Eid festival with family members. They use bus, ferry, train etc.

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Finally, Dhaka gets unrecognized when thousands of people leave the city to go home to observe Eid with village relatives. So, Dhaka gets traffic jam free awesome roads and streets.

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