Ahsan Manzil: the Pink Palace of Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is a palace where electric bulb lit for the first time in Dhaka or in Bangladesh. 
The Ahsan Manzil was the official residential palace and chamber of the Nawab of Dhaka.

The building Ahsan Manzil is sited at Kumartoli along the bank of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is near Islampur that is famous for clothing whole business.

The construction of the palace was kicked off in 1859 and completed in 1872. It was constructed in the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. It has been designated as a national museum. 

You can visit this place of old Dhaka.

Who Created the Ahsan Manzil?

Nawab Bahadur Sir Khwaja Abdul Ghani KCSI, was the second Nawab of Dhaka and the first to assume the title of Nawab as hereditary, recognized by the British Raj, build the palace.

Abdul Ghani also introduced the panchayat system (village council), gaslights, water works, newspaper, and the zoological garden to Dhaka.

Nawab Bahadur Sir Khwaja Ahsanullah KCIE was the 3rd Nawab of Dhaka. He was the son of Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani. The building Ahsan Manzil was named after his name.

KCIE stands for Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire.

Ahsan Manzil, also known as the Pink Palace, is one of Dhaka city's most popular tourist attractions.

Location of the Ahsan Manzil

The building Ahsan Manzil is situated at Kumartoli along the bank of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The palace is surrounded by Gulistan, Banglabazar, Keraniganj and Lalbag. 

How to go to the Ahsan Manzil

There is a direct bus service from Gulistan in Dhaka. You can also go by private car or auto CNG rickshaw. 

Opening and Closing of the Ahsan Manzil

Summer (April – September): 

Saturday – Wednesday: 10.30 AM – 05.30 PM 

Friday: 03.00 PM – 07.30 PM

Thursday: Closed

Winter (October – March):

Saturday – Wednesday: 09.30 AM – 04.30 PM 

Friday: 02.30 PM – 07.30 PM

Thursday: Closed


Saturday – Wednesday: 09.30 AM – 03.00 PM 

Thursday & Friday: Closed

The day before Eid, and the day of Eid the Ahsan Manzil remains  closed.

Ahsan Manzil remains closed during any govt. holidays.

Ahsan Manzil Ticket Price

 Local: 20 Tk.

SAARC country: 300 Tk.

Other Foreigner: 500 Tk.

How to collect Ahsan Manzil's entry ticket: Ahsan Manzil Ticket Online

Ahsan Manzil Contact

Contact Number: +88 02 739 1122, +88 02 739 3866. 

Ahsan Manzil Address: 2/3 Islampur Rd, Old Dhaka City, Dhaka, 1100, Bangladesh.

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